The Hollow Planet Of Love

by Sun King

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released June 7, 2016

All songs written, performed and recorded by Noah Sherrin

Vocals on track 5: Nicky Mackenzie and Sophie Douglas



all rights reserved


Sun King Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

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Track Name: Dreams Of 27
Get a job
Make the pay
All of this in my head
With dreams of 27

Record all night
Sleep in late
Hate the daylight
For waking me up
All of this in my head
With dreams of 27
Track Name: It's Never Enough (Is It?)
I swear sometimes these songs are all that really keeps me alive
It's never enough, it's never enough
I've got a picture in my head that I can't get out
It's never enough, it's never enough
What have I got to do to make you see me like I do you?
It's never enough, it's never enough is it?
I like the way a drop of blood can make the whole sky red

The spirits dead
Your eyes are open
Counting the kings
As they paint the throne
Where are you now?

If you hate yourself you're just like everybody else in the room
Who here has never fantasized about death?
It's never enough, it's never enough
What have I got to do to make me feel like I see you?
It's never enough, it's never enough
I like the way a drop of blood can make the whole sky red

You want her love
You want the reason
You need the reason
But where are you now?
Track Name: When Yr Not Around
I'm so tongue tied
I can't let go
You do some drugs
I don't even know

I wrote a hundred songs about you
A hundred ways to get around the truth
Track Name: Love, Freedom, Peace... You
I was down at best
I was breathless
Unaware and crying nearly everyday
(Waiting for some young aries to come into my life)

Christ or fact or whats above
It's you my love
I'm thinking of
When I say I need it
You know I mean I need you
You know I can't sleep without your love

Bathtub morality
Jesus economy

Love is god is all
Freedom is being here presently
Peace is a face is the sun
You are the hope are the change
Track Name: Thee Man That You Want
The beast, the bird, the brawn
Thee man that you want
To be
I can't sleep and I'm out of my mind
I'm unaware, self aware, selfish
And half the man I used to be

The seed, the song, the sin
The things you see in him
I can't understand
Sick and sad on the love songs for you
To be thee man you want the man you though you know
Track Name: Seeing My Voice #4
Love is like that time of life
Where things appear as other things
I know I'm not the bad guy
That's why I play the part
A part of me is jealous, craving
Maybe trying to break your heart

Love is like that time you cried
When I fucked up and you let me back in
I know it's not the first, not the last
Not the worst I'll ever hurt you
But I'm sorry
Track Name: Feels O.K.
You think that it's evil
The way everything changes
You call it depression
They're getting to your head babe

So you take the easy way
I stare at those pills again
They remind me of a toothache
Killing dreams of sensitive teens

But in the end it's all the same
So cheers to the last drug you take
I hope it's great, lets medicate

So I try blind faith again
Shut up, drink down, he's loved by all
I wonder how they sleep at night
Plotting Oedipus breakdowns and chemical come ups

I remember that knife to my sisters throat
Blood beneath the skin, original sin
Your a love and a fighter babe
And you don't need to sweat it
Track Name: Musings On The 21st Century
If there's another way to pull these sad songs from my sad heart
Then hating myself myself swimming laps on the carpet
Drowning in poison with Artaud and F Scott
I'd take it for you

And in this vast nuclear obscurity we live in
I wish "I love you" meant more than "I'm trying to get in your bedroom"
But societies to sexed up and put down to feel
And you and I are floating through their world in search of the real

Political scum search for sustainable energy
So they can sleep while they further rape the countries
You and I dreamed to visit once we tackled the economy
And until then we'll muse about how good it'll feel
To die in the 21st century

So grab onto my shirt sleeve, run with me blindly
I'm sure that the forest will treat us more kindly
We'll build a little cabin in the woods where they can't find us
It'll be quaint but we'll be human
And when the bombs eventually fall I'll be lying there beside you
How good it'll feel to die in the 21st century
Track Name: I'm On Your Side
i’ll take your drugs for you
your perfect boy
your scapegoat too
i wanna be
i’m done with me
i’m fucked up too
i’m here for you
i’m scared to sleep
i’m scared to speak
i want to help
i want to run
to be the one
you’re counting on
to be your friend
the end, the end
i’m sick of fact
i’m sick of god
afraid to live
afraid to die
too straight to cry
too gay to hide
too vain to see
beyond myself
a selfless love
i’m lost without
without myself
i’m better off
still cry a lot
sick of myself
convince myself
i’m losing it
i’m losing you
convince myself
you’ll make it through
i want you to
i need you to
a week, 5 months
you’re not yourself
i want you back
i’m guilty too
2 days apart
2 days of death
i’m scared of death
i’m scared of you
scared of myself
i try my best
i try my best
and still you say

Track Name: How Did That Happen?
I take it back
I hate the chase
I want you now
More than I have
Before I lied
I kept it in
I won't again
And I hope you still believe
Those little pinky promises we make
Cause they're all I have
And I spoke to god
He told me son
That girl's the love
You'll never find again

Sierra I'm sorry (come back)

My empty heart
My beating head
We laughed I said
I'd be your best friend
Come a year
Come fifty more
I can't imagine
Being with any other girl
You're at your friends
I'm at all ends
I'm sad I guess
But there's something more
I love that girl
And it's just like me to fuck it up

My material grasp on things
Is not what it used to be
You were right when you said
"The world works against us"
If it's not about the spiritual things
Then I'm lost in the moment

How did that happen?