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"New Youth" is the generic lost childhood nostalgia trip, its a vague WW2 memoire, a psychadelic concept epic, a lofi teenage anthem, a tale of paranoid unrequited love, a self-indulgent and slightly ridiculous LP.

Written and recorded over the span of 1 and 1/2 years in a snowy rocky mountain cabin, a home studio roughly the size of a closet, and the weird nature coves of saltspring island it is an album for love, hurt, hunger, heat, sex, rainy days, thunderstorms, entropy, global collapse and obscure intimate moments.


released August 4, 2015

All songs written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Noah Sherrin in various states of conciousness, excluding the generous help of:

Daniel Hunter - Bass on tracks 3,4,6,7,10,12,15
Elijah Stepanuik - Drums on tracks 3,4,6,7,10,12,15
Ocea Goddard - Vocals on tracks 2,5,11
Shane Hooper - Vocals on tracks 2,5

Cover image syphoned from copyrightless, hypnotic space matter.

Thanks to (in no order):
the friends, the family, eric p for help with mixing and concept, connor corey and jet for undying support, the live band (eric, daniel, ben, lucas, ocea, noel, elijah, river, brendan) for helping me realize the songs, the listeners, the muses, the inspiration, anyone and whoever whom cared




all rights reserved


Sun King Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

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Track Name: Suzy And The Dream
last night
i swear that we kissed last night
it might have been some other girl
ive been having some sort of out of body experiences

my skin
sinking into these couch cushions
watching my friends skip stones in to a pond
they're sinking just to drown

oh, we talk for hours into the night
you dream of burning
this town to the ground

oh, lord oh save me
i know i'm not a bad man
i just don't really care that much

monday morning, teenage angst
cranberry sauce, we'll ride our bikes
into the sun, like everyone
carrot cake, we'll share our secrets
even though i don't really have any
pine tree stares into my soul
like all my favourite bands are getting old
they're getting old
Track Name: Ashland Youth
close the blinds, who knew?
their eyes are blue
their eyes are blue

ashland mountain ranges, ooh
their eyes are blue
their eyes are blue

was it worth it after all?

pale magician, anti blues
their eyes are blue
their eyes are blue

campfire songs with hitler youth
their eyes are blue
their eyes are blue

was it worth it after all?
Track Name: Black Mountain
black mountain ranges
upon mountains set on velvet stages
i found myself that day
was it the magic feeling
holding on to something real
i don't know what to feel

black carpet reeling me in
shallow bed of cold pine needles
is this what heaven feels like?
i'm almost certain surely
someone knows it's not that easy
i don't know what to feel
i don't know what to feel
Track Name: American Dream pt I (Get Free!)
what happened to all the astronauts?
said the men on wall street with their crooked thoughts
is this the american dream?
i've spent half my life on a beach i don't want to be on
i met a man of 45
he truly opened up my eyes
he said "son, were going down. grab your family, friends. there is no reason to stick around"

i saw a star burn up so bright
i swear it nearly lit the sky
i watched it in your tear soaked eyes
i saw the planets allign, or maybe collide
it was hard to tell
but i need you to believe me

let's run away
us kids stargaze
if you believe
we'll make it real

star power (ooh)
we're not going to fight
the kids are alright

ill sail until i burn up, or turn up
i found you listening to the radio
static white like snow, dancing light like ghosts

i need you
i'll never be the same without your love it's true
Track Name: Peaches
i wanna be your guy
but i gotta get away
from these girls and their ways

how am i supposed to show you i care
cause i do
when i'm not even sure
if he's your boyfriend anymore?

sometimes i write you the words i mena
but i change my mind
like alll the time

i want you to tell me about your dreams
cause i think they're cool
and they remind me of mine

is it too much to spend all of my money
on flowers i know you don't care about
i wanna play songs in a rock n roll band
bout that girl that i wanna eat peaches with

just look for the kid with the starry eyes
you know that's me
cause you have them too

i want that one friend
who came on too strong
to forget about me
and find someone they deserve

is it too much to spend all of my money
on flowers i know you don't care about
i wanna play songs in a rock n roll band
bout that girl that i wanna eat peaches with
Track Name: Eye To Eye
let's go outside
its snowing
but you wanna stay inside
that's alright
we can take our time

later in my bed it's freezing
so you come a little bit close
i'm sorry that my house isn't warmer
you say "that's alright, now we're eye to eye,
and i wouldn't change that for the world"
Track Name: New Youth
another day in the country
i'm feeling happy as hell
we can go wherever we want to
let's write some songs in a field

let's spend all our parent's money
it always seemed cool to be poor
then we'll break up like in the movies
black was your favourite colour anyway

a sunny day in the country

no power
no hate
Track Name: The Moon (Shines Through You)
should i be the sun or the moon?
whichever pleases you
how many stars do you think their really are?
enough to burn the famous art

i saw her again in a dream
told myself it wasn't real
i watched the words fall from my mouth
i couldn't help myself

you'll move to providence soon
and i should've followed you

in a year
i'll be there too
you hardly remember me
and i don't know what to believe
Track Name: Dear Sarah
sarah i write to you from the darkest of places
i found myself here, is there anyone else here?
i met a doctor, couldn't hold back his drinks
prentended that his wife's blood was not on his lips

sarah i've been patiently awaiting the arrival
of some sort of good news to bring me out of denial
i met the devil, though we really hit it off
sarah i've been freezing and i need you to hold me up
Track Name: Pink Sky
one of these days
i'm going to find you swimming
out back, dark black
hair blows in your face
you hardly look at me these days
okay, i've made mistakes

you remind me of a starlet
just like the ones we met in college
you know they always talk the same
pink sky, they sold it to the gray skies
they sold it to the cool guys
and took it from the kids

i've been a fool
but i try to play it cool
who cares what i choose to do
you're almost 24
but you don't know who you are

i'm sorry that i missed your birthday
should've had it on a sunday
should've had it in the church
pink sky, they sold it to the new times
they sold it to the cool guys
and took it from the kids

let's go up

i'm sick of all their prayers and virtues
if there's a god then i need him now
i'm sick of all the wide eyed children
if there's a god than i need him now
Track Name: January Falls
january falls
thought at least they'd wait till autumn
cause they hide inside my demons
been a while since i've seen them
i've been praying when i think of it

my dear god
girl why do you throw your life away?
when it's all you seem to have these days
and it hurts to see you lose your faith

somethings on my mind
and it's been there for a while now
weighing down on me like heavy hands
trying to push my bed below the waves

i say ill change
but we both know that that is not the truth
there's a deep black hole in my virtues
i'd forgotten what this feels like

we'll stay up and talk about our dreams
even the ones we both know aren't real
we're so hung up on the little things

half of me is in love
beach sand under your clothes and
we're swimming in the dark
we're swimming from sharks

we'll stay up and talk about our dreams
even the ones we both know aren't real
we're so hung up on the little things
Track Name: Dream #2
last time we spoke
i was a wreck
and i felt embarrassed
when you noticed it

and it's like that shame
is some kind of knife
like when you cut your hair
back when i cried a lot

i know lately i've been
out of touch with myself
but i felt a presence
i just can't shake off

and if all of the ecstacy
you've ever done
changed your mind about me
than i'm happy for us

i've got heart for both of us
so why do you always worry so much
and in your mind i know you see
a world where we are pure and free

when we were green
i was lost in a dream
and you said we had to lost faith
to find meaning

and i've lost faith now
Track Name: White Mountain/I Transcend
mary how'd they stop the bomb this time?
a warning shot to put the kids in line
with the whole world on the tip of your tongue
even then they don't run

mary in time you'll learn to love the bomb
post-dramatic, television warning song
with the whole world at the end of a gun
now and then you can run
they run they run they run

when will the cars ever stand still
you set the stage upon your windowsill
playing war with little figurines
mary i wish you wouldn't make a scene