New Occult Classicalism

by Sun King

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released June 8, 2016

All songs written, played and recorded by Noah Sherrin at the olde homestead

Ocea Goddard's Flute and Voice on Track 3
Nixie Palm's Violin on Tracks 9 and 10
Corey, Jet, Lucas, Connor, River, Iminah, Paul... just jammin



all rights reserved


Sun King Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

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Track Name: Lucid Girl
I want a punk rock girlfriend to daydream with me
Lucid girl, fuck the world and dream with me

But when you told me you liked me
Well I couldn't pull myself up off the floor
I thought about that night when we were green
And your shoulders rose like mountains from the stream
So pure and real

I want to wake up in a vibrant world with you
Look inside, you might find you're halfway there
Track Name: Lovely Mary Green
Lovely Mary Green
Sunny streets and tea
She's the one for me
Sitting on a park bench
Making up a dance
To the bird songs

When will she notice I'm not like other guys
I just wanna be your one and only
Lovely Mary Green wont you notice me
Track Name: Feel You
Hold me rose
I'm on fire
I want to dream
But its hard, hot and lingering
There were days
There were many days
I still feel the same
But I can't contextualize anything

Lick my wounds you flower
Gonna run away someday
Baby stay the hour
Close your eyes
Drift away

Even when I know you're not mad
I'm still wondering what I did
Even when you're far away
I still feel you everyday

Hold me, oh rose
I'm on fire
You'll fall back down
When you outlive your yesterdays
Dream in a dream in another scene
There's another way to fall out of love

Kissin' kissin' the moon
We'll die in space
Heaven's room
Take my hand like a torch
Find ourselves
Drift away

Even when I know you're not mad
I'm still wondering what I did
Even when you're far away
I still feel you everyday
Even when you call my name
You're a million miles away
Even when I see you again
I'll be holding on to it
Track Name: To Get Into Yourself Too Much
Love and schizophrenic nights
Weird fears that make you leave the light on
Sorry sometimes I know I treat you like shit
I hope you know I never mean a word I say
When I'm kinda full of it
But those little, daily ego-deaths make me feel
Kinda down and prophetic
Maybe I'm half an alcoholic

Love and drugs
Love and drugs
Be my bizarre, wicca lover girl and make me make me make me
Feel something more

I was on the left side
Trying to hear my right side speak
High up to the ceiling
Thinking black deaths, lisztomania
And you were looking at me like
"wtf is he doing talking to some cosmic lizard,
screaming Blake's Ah Sunflower?"
Track Name: Insomnia In G
I'm in love
Nominal transport mono-tonality
Is how I show how much closing the distance means to me
You know my favourite moments are the ones I'm lost in
Cause I love those tiny pinches you lay on my arm
We'll be like cult leaders, dream team, John and Jackie, king and queen
At least to us, the naive ones
The spiritual teachers, pavement preachers can't reach me
I'm fantasizing about drunken hotel stays

You're growing your hair out
I'm getting to know myself
First love, first love
I'm quitting drinking
Your halfway to stopping smoking
First love, first love

You and I
Belong to the moon tonight
Age old vices
Economy flights
The light shinin' through your eyes tonight
And oh, how things change my dear
I remember us fumbling for each other's clothes in the dark
Those moments intrinsically spiraling together
I guess that's what falling in love looks like
When you're young, optimistic and bright
Now I lie
Wide awake
Track Name: New Occult Classic
Walking all day to find clothes you thought right for the night
I'll admit you and your friends looked pretty cool
Out on the stoop in the rain smoking cigarettes
You pulled from mother's handbag so that your night could be a little more
Hip to hip, you're dancing slow beneath the naked moon
He asks you slower "whats my name? oh baby what day is it? and how will I feel when the sun comes up?"
And you realize that you're the new occult classic

Hoppin' a train down to daydreamin' bay
Lost your head along the way
You got sick, missed your pay, but hey!
You'll roll in there tomorrow
Make a friend who's money you can borrow
And then you'll realize
That you're the new occult classiv
Track Name: Blue Love
How come we don't talk anymore
You know I'm done with all these esoteric values, material possessions
But that doesn't mean we can't have fun anymore
I just want to feel something different
But every time we try it out I hate myself
I'm all strung out, you said it best
You touch my face when we're alone in the back of someone's car
Fuck karma, Krishna, hippie daughters getting farther from the real
And they try their best I know that
And I'm worried I'm no different
Cause every time that we turn on I'm hoping that I never come down
Baby I hate the distance
Growing every time I write a song
And it will all work out, I know that
It'll be alright, I'm hoping
But right now I just need someone to hold my hand and tell me
You'll make it

Last night I found blue love
Lying naked on someone's lawn
We talked about the world and drugs
And I was thinking about me

Let's live the dream
Move to Big Sur, or the valley
We'll be idealists but happy
You'll be a painter, I'll write novels
'Bout all those crazy times we had today
I can't wait, let's get high
Put on Plastic Ono records
Kiss and talk about the future
Like it's not going to be there when I wake up
Fuck college, careers, money, old age
I just wanna hold your body
And it's not like I felt ego-death
But I realized how much I had to lose
When felt jealous in that national park parking lot
You cry when I tell you my secrets
Surely baby that's a sign they're real
You've got your broken heart, I've got idle hands
We're going to figure out how to change the world
Track Name: Post Acid Reverse Aries
I feel lonesome
But not like alone
Cause I actually have someone
For once in my life
I feel reckless
But not like a singer
Cause I actually cringe
When I hear my sophomore

See me
Free me
Be me
Post acid
Reverse aries

Babe you turn me on
Let's get high on each other
And watch French new wave,
Post world cinema
I'll be your first love
I'll be your lover
You'll be my girl

See me
Free me
Be me
Post acid
Reverse aries

Fuck every hipster
They're all going nowhere
Fuck every pop song
That I ever wrote
Fuck music culture
Fuck BC, Canada
These are all the things
That I love the most
Track Name: Wonderful Standing Waves
Moonbeam shinin' off your face
Reminding me of the place
I found a magic rock
By the time we got home
There was nearly nothing left

White rock canyon
Let's go up
Drink his blood from paper cups
I swam through a deep black sea
Pale skin
We we're the only two people here
Track Name: Hard Time's Lovin
Cradled in the arms of angels
Swallowed by the sea
Carried up that ancient river
Down went my baby and me

Bound to a pillar of ivory
Staved to the lover in me
Merrily encircling the tombstone
'Round went my baby and me