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Nine Cats
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Nine Cats Saturn Song is my next favourite. I love how the album repeats some chord progressions but doesn't sound too repetitive at all. Put together really well. Favorite track: 1979.
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I almost feel bad charging people for my music, but this album has been 5 months of work so you are only paying me $0.60 per month. To me that seemed like a reasonable price. The reason I'm asking for money at all is so that I can make cd's, market my music, and buy new equipment for future projects.

That said, I would prefer if this album was listened to as a whole upon first listen. Front to back.

Thanks go out to my amazing friends, family, supporters, mentors and inspirations.


released November 12, 2013

Cover Art by JohnMoProductions
"Wall" By Ocea Goddard and Noah Sherrin



all rights reserved


Sun King Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

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Track Name: Punk Kid Blues
Today I saw punk skip down the street
With Mary-Jane, a girl I know is truly innocent
The way he held her hand so sincerely
I questioned my own morality

She looks through his sins and sees a better man
I can't decide if I want to
I look through his face, and see the kids
Who burned down an art school on 2nd street

Sometimes I wish the world wouldn't end
I see my friends in his leather jacket
It's been a year since we last spoke
I shared my feelings over coffee
You inhaled cigarette smoke
Track Name: Give Me Another Try
25 telephone calls
Won't heal the damage done
Is it me?
Is it you?

Give me another try

I promised that I've changed my ways
Said every other guy you met
I want you

Give me another try
Track Name: Wall
A couple drinks to many
I'll be lying on the floor
Send a postcard to your lover
Write a song in east Berlin

When we talk about our future
It doesn't feel very bright
Lost thoughts in frightened mumbles
A delicate sight

Where do all the people go?
When do all the flowers grow?

Business age
Forever daze
Track Name: Strange Eyes
What is the weight of the world?
How many days will I wait till' I ask you your name?

The wheel is missing a spoke
It seems as though no one else knows
How long will we turn?
Deciding to crash and then burn

What if I told you the truth?

What is the weight of these words?
How many weeks will it take till' I forget your face?
Track Name: Exerpt I (Flora)
It's in the lyrics in between the song
Her eyes are sunk and lifeless
A lost bliss

It's in the words in between the drinking
"It's alright, I'm fine"

7 days spent, next to nothing
30 somethings getting younger
Was it even worth the fight?
Holding on to something right

Post-dramatic, something special
Pretending that there's no heaven
If 2 plus 2 could equal 5
Then I'm just glad that we're alive
Track Name: A Place Without Cars
Far over stars
To a place without cars
A place where the lovers and dreamer resolve

I forget why we ran away
I only hoped we'd come back some day
Under the ground
To a place without sound
Under your skin to a world without sin
Track Name: 1979
Punk's dead
I can't forget
What happened to you?

Well you know I tried my best
But is that enough?

1979, we were 16 when you learned to drive
In your grey overcoat you dreamed of leaving home

It was a rainy day
We fought
Forgot how to get along
I knew something was wrong
But I carried on

Only 3 days to late
I found you face down on the floor
A victim of pride, I took too long
You were already gone.
Track Name: Saturn Song
"Saturn has fallen, am I too to fall?"
Asked the priest
Spreading a shade: the naiad mid her reeds, a silent prayer
Never satisfied, shes swallowed by his grief - he swallows one last pill

A listening fear, her regard
How beautiful if sorrow had not made
And ocean too - with all it's solemn noise
Pressed her cold finger closer to her colder lips

How long?

When you close your eyes
And hide beneath the sheets
They crawl beneath your bed
And shiver like you teeth

When you paint your face
To try and impress me
I lose a little hope
I lose a little faith

How long?
Track Name: Lady In The Moon
I'm surprised every day
By the the light
Shining through
Your face and eyes

Is this love?
Is it a lie?
10 million passersby hate their lives
Yet I can say "I feel fine"

The floor is dull
So I stare at my feet
What's the worth to my belief?
And can anyone take that from me?

Tin police-man
Broken hat
Tell me where's the fun in that?

Same lyrics
To a different song
How long,
Will they play along?
Track Name: House Keeper
Hold my hand
I promise it won't be that bad
Lay yourself down
Your house keeper's an honest man

When you talk like the men on the television
Or hang your head
In a cafe in France, or in space with your friends
You'll hang your head

Oh my dove
You're selling all your silverware
My old friend
Burn those expensive clothes you wear

When you wear too much perfume
Let them drown in the fumes
It'll be fun while it lasts
I hope you had a blast
Track Name: La Vie En Noir
I try to keep hold of a positive view
In truth I'm afraid I might die

Jenny works nights at the dive on the corner
Of the second worst street in north Carolina
How long?

My passionate neighbor has a pension for women
He acts like just maybe this one might stay longer
I hope he's not wrong
She plays along

Shelley waits tables in Madison county
Convinces herself, and all of her suitors
"It's alright"
She lies
She fakes
A smile

I found myself drift into a negative state
In truth I'm not sure that I mind
Track Name: Des Couleurs Eclatantes
I can see stars die, fade
Into something you said
Doesn't sit right with me

I can hear you cry from the next room
Under thin sheets
You shake like a punk band

Am I the only one wonders?
What did they do to you?